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Welcome to my own little corner of the internet, https://dylanbanta.com.

I'm currently an IT at the Muskingum County Library System. It is a rewarding experience, but when the work day ends, my tech adventures don't. I've always been drawn to crafting and hosting my own projects. From showcasing my work in a digital portfolio to designing tools and applications for my D&D group, I love bringing ideas to life.

I'm a results-driven professional with a deep appreciation for all things technology. When I first delved into the world of programming, I was captivated by C# and Unity. Over the next several years, I focused on learning the fundamentals of programming and web development as I attained my associates degree. I learned the basics of programming and the syntax of many of the most popular languages. As my domain https://dylanbanta.com came into existence, I became fascinated with PHP and JavaScript. With the flexibility these languages offer, especially when working on-the-go, they quickly became my staples. From there, I began studying different PHP based MVC models and ended up using Laravel, which I've used for most web based projects since then.

Beyond programming, I've been hands-on with various server setups and configurations. Whether it's Nginx or the convenience of Docker, I enjoy the process of setting up, managing, and optimizing servers. And let's not even get started on operating systems; while Linux holds a special place in my heart, I'm equally comfortable navigating the Windows environment, and while MacOS isn't my favorite environment, at work I've somehow still become "The Apple Guy" because I'm the only one who can work with Apple's architecture.

These days, my sights are set on DevOps. I believe it's the perfect arena for someone with my background and enthusiasm. Merging development and operations, shaping the future of projects, and being part of something bigger - that's the dream.


Work History

2020 – Present

Muskingum County Library System - IT Assistant

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  • Manage network infrastructure, including Sophos router, switches, and Cisco access points across all branch locations.
  • Provide technical support to patrons and staff, resolving printer issues and assisting with payment services.
  • Set up and maintain technology in board rooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums as needed.
  • Monitor and update software on public and faculty workstations.
  • Utilize specialized software from vendors such as Communico, TLC/LS2, and Kinetic Networking.
  • Administer public iPads using Meraki MDM service.
  • Configure PCs with specific operating systems and software as required.


Neola – Data Entry Clerk

  • Employed software development skills to create a custom solution that converted source documents into usable data for new systems.
  • Checked data accuracy against source documents and rectified errors.
  • Compiled, sorted, and verified data for completeness.
  • Stored completed documents in appropriate locations.


Time Warner Cable (Now Spectrum) – Call Center Representative

  • Communicated with customers via phone, providing product and service information, processing orders, managing accounts, and resolving issues.
  • Maintained detailed records of customer interactions, inquiries, and complaints.
  • Ensured timely resolution of customer problems and concerns.
  • Calculated service charges, collected payments, and arranged billing.

2014 – 2015

Kmart – Sales and Electronics Associate

  • Recognized as "Game Changer" Employee of the Month in March 2015 for exceptional customer service.
  • Conducted point-of-sale transactions, handling both cash and card payments.
  • Restocked shelves and priced inventory.
  • Regularly maintained store cleanliness.


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Dylan Banta

Dylan Banta

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