A simple program written in C# that sends all of the photos in the Pictures directory of the current user to a specified email address.

Why Develop Send2Email?

At the Main Branch of The Muskingum County Library we have several Microfilm machines. When patrons use the machine, it automatically saves the images to the Pictures directory. We had many patrons who wanted a way to easily print those images, but the Microfilm PCs are not connected to our printing systems. Rather than requiring our patrons to purchase a USB several of our librarians simply helped them email the files to themselves and then print them from one of our other public PCs. This was happening so frequently, that they asked our IT team for a solution. Thus, Send2Email was born.


When you first launch the software, it will prompt you to enter your SMTP credentials, and general mailing settings.

    "SMTP_Host": "",

    "SMTP_Port": 587,

    "SMTP_User": "[email protected]",

    "SMTP_Pass": "",

    "Mail_From": "[email protected]",

    "Mail_Subject": "Mail Subject Text",

    "Mail_Body": "Mail Body Text",

    "Mail_Delivery": "Mail Delivery Text",

    "File_Extensions": "jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, pdf",

    "Key_Public": "byte8Key"

Developed in C#

I chose C# for this project as I was familiar with winforms and just needed a very simple user interface. I typically stick with PHP and JavaScript so this was a fun change of pace.

The Git Repository


A simple application I wrote for use at the Muskingum County Library System to send image files in the Pictures folder to a specified email address. We use this software for our Microfilm machines which automatically saves the images to the Pictures folder, and this allows our patrons to quickly and easily send their images to an email address.

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