Why I Choose Gitea for My Development Projects

For me, Gitea is much more than just a software development tool; it's a complete self-hosted solution that I rely on for managing my development projects. It offers the kind of control that aligns perfectly with my dynamic development needs, especially when I'm on the move.

Personal Insights on Gitea

The simplicity of setting up a self-hosted Git service with Gitea is what drew me in. Whether I'm working from my home office on a desktop or using a Raspberry Pi while traveling, Gitea's cross-platform compatibility has never let me down.

Efficient and Resource-Efficient

Gitea is streamlined and resource-efficient, which is crucial when working with limited hardware. This efficiency ensures that I can focus more on coding and less on system overhead.

User-Friendly Deployment

The straightforward setup process allows me to get my repositories up and running quickly without any hassle, which is invaluable when I need to start new projects or duplicate existing setups.

Robust Security

With robust access controls and user permissions, I feel confident that my projects are secure and protected, which is paramount for any developer.

My Public Repositories


A simple application I wrote for use at the Muskingum County Library System to send image files in the Pictures folder to a specified email address. We use this software for our Microfilm machines which automatically saves the images to the Pictures folder, and this allows our patrons to quickly and easily send their images to an email address.

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Google Docs QRify

This project looks for instances of <<QR>> within a Google Doc and replaces them with that Google Doc's URL as a QR code. We use this software for our public documentation at MCLS. This way, when a station is updated we can simply update the instructions on the Google Doc, and the QR code will still point to the documentations.

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